Legacy Package
$2,800.......($3,800 on BluRay in HD)
  • 2 Camera coverage of the ceremony and reception
  • Up to 7 hours of coverage.
  • 50 Picture photomontage.
  • Love Story interviews with bride groom, and wedding party.
  • You get up 3 copies of the finished video on DVD with custom printed covers.T

The Legacy coverage adds many extras to the Traditional coverage that will make your
wedding video a unique productions that is really more like a documentary of your wedding
day. Our video will show you all the things you missed on your wedding day. It is our most
popular coverage!

By using two cameras, we can get close-up shots that you can't get with one camera: the
groom's face as he waits for the bride to come down the aisle, the parents reaction during
the vows.

We also use additional microphones to ensure you can hear everything clearly, the vows,
the music, the readings. In most cases you will be able to hear everything better on the video
than the guests could at the service. Return to
Home Page.

The Legacy coverage begins the day before the wedding, we will attend the rehearsal (there
may be additional travel to attend rehearsals for weddings more than 30 miles from
Morgantown) and plan where to shoot from. Our videographers will meet with the priest or
minister and work out the details on where it is ok to place the cameras and get the best
shots possible.

The edited video begins with a photo montage and the Love Story interviews of the bride and
groom. Then the video segues into into a carefully crafted story blending pictures, artistic
portrait shots, candid video footage, and scenic shots of the church edited around the
interviews of the bride, groom, parents and the members of the wedding party.

This romantic opening is followed by a dynamic and exciting video of all the pre-ceremony
activity from the wedding day, the processional, the ceremony, and the reception. This is our
most popular coverage and the finished video is a keepsake you will treasure for years to
come, and it will become more valuable with time.