Traditional Package
$1,200.......($1,700 on BluRay in HD)
  • 1 Camera coverage of the ceremony and reception.
  • Up to 7 hours of coverage.
  • Professionally edited video.
  • Custom printed cover.
  • Up to 3 copies of the edited video on  DVD.

Our one camera coverage, shot in a documentary style. With our Simple coverage, your
wedding is videotaped by one camera operator with an assistant and professionally
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We normally shoot one camera coverage from the back of the church, but a final
determination will be made after consulting with the bride and groom, and taking into
consideration church restrictions, lighting conditions and so on. We use professional
cameras and one or two wireless microphones to ensure a clear, crisp video and audio
that is loud and clear.

The coverage begins 2 hours before the ceremony is scheduled to start. We shoot some
of the pre-ceremony activity, including the photo sessions, the processional, and the
ceremony. Usually that leaves 3-4 hours for reception coverage. The edited video is
delivered to you on DVD.